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15 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Fly Fishing Anglers 

Don’t let the holidays sneak up on you, leaving you empty-handed or with an empty net for those anglers in your lives. Let's dive into why each one of these products is a thoughtful and practical gift for a fly fishing enthusiast.
First and foremost, most anglers are pretty picky about what they want or need so it can be hard to find something technical. Second, the technicalities of fly fishing gear can be overwhelming, and if you don’t know what they need you can end up with something that wasn’t ideal. Although that isn’t the importance of a gift we want you to feel calm and confident come giving time. 

These fly fishing stocking stuffers are all general needs fly fishing related and you can’t really go wrong with them.  The prices are fair and the products can go in any fly fishing kit and be welcomed.  I'll link each one to a dealer or manufacturer that I would recommend. I'll also pay attention to price, quality and use ability by an angler as a gift.  Lastly, I'll include links with a likelihood of Black Friday Sales, etc. 

  1. Nippers: Essential for clean and quick line cutting, high-quality nippers are a tool that every fly fisher needs. They are far superior to using fingers or teeth, which can damage the line. They can be easily attached to a vest or a lanyard for quick access. A pair of sharp, durable nippers are fly fishing stocking stuffers that will be appreciated every time a line needs to be trimmed. Here are a few suggested options that won’t break the bank and will last a long time. Loon makes quality products. These nippers are inexpensive but last a long time and have a nail knot tool that can really come in handy.
    Loon Nippers - Fly Fishing Gift Idea
  2. Forceps: Forceps are a versatile tool for fly fishing, used for removing hooks, pinching barbs, fixing knots, and more. A good pair of forceps can help preserve the integrity of the flies and ensure a quick release of the catch, which is essential for the conservation-minded angler. A fine tip and having scissors in the back of the jaws make a difference. These are my favorite models because they commonly get ripped off of you and lost but these stay attached with the clip design and have scissors in the jaws with a fine tip. 
    Loon Forceps/Hemostats - Fly Fishing Gift Idea
  3. Chest Patch/Lanyards: A lanyard is designed to keep essential tools within easy reach. Unlike a vest which can be heavy and hot, a lanyard is lightweight and comfortable, ideal for those who prefer to wade without a lot of bulk. Chest packs lanyards are fly fishing stocking stuffers that speak to the convenience and functionality that every angler values. The thing about a lanyard is you can use it with your current gear or set it aside for special circumstances like coming off the boat or going out on a quick local hike. OK, this is a special one. C&F makes an awesome chest patch that can be fully customized as a lanyard to their liking. World competitors have found this to be a common favorite. It's an absolutely awesome lanyard setup. 

  4. Fly Fishing Flies: Every fly angler appreciates a new set of flies. Whether tailored to the specific region they fish in, a hatch type, or offering a variety of patterns to try out, a selection of quality-tied flies can make an angler's day on the water more productive and enjoyable. These fly hatch kits are my favorite fly fishing stocking stuffers for anglers because it teaches them the entomology of particular hatches.  Any angler would welcome one. 

  5. Fly Box: A durable, waterproof fly box with ample room and organization helps to keep all those flies in perfect order. For the fly fisher, a good fly box is like a treasure chest, holding the key to their success on the water. Umpqua makes a great all around box that can be used with others or separated out as a day hike box or one you keep in the boat. 

  6. Streamer Fly Box: Streamer fishing requires larger, often more elaborate flies. A specialized streamer fly box with larger compartments can protect these bigger flies from being crushed or tangled. Plan D is the ultimate in streamer boxes in my opinion. They have a patented design that keeps those tangling streamers nice and neat. Umpqua is again a safe bet here. They have a good system for boxes that are waterproof and the right size.

  7. Tippet Tender: This simple yet ingenious tool keeps tippet spools organized and easily accessible. For anglers who need to change or adjust their tippet frequently, a tippet tender can be a time-saver, ensuring they spend more time fishing and less time fumbling through gear. The Hareline Fly Trap Holder is really nice to have. You get a two in one with this tippet tender. A simple fly trap to hold wet flies and let them dry along with a simple tippet tender that works well.  

  8. Tungsten Putty: This is an environmentally friendly alternative to lead split shots, used to adjust the sink rate of flies. It's reusable and can be applied in small amounts, providing a precise way to control presentation, which can be the difference between a good and a bad fishing day. Anyone who hasn’t tried it doesn’t understand how nice it really is. There are other brands but Mojo works very well. 
  9. Floatant (Liquid / Powder): Keeping dry flies floating high is crucial for effective fly fishing. A good floatant can make a fly more buoyant and visible, and it's a consumable item that anglers need to replenish regularly, making them ideal stocking stuffers. There are wet and dry floatants and fly fishing anglers typically carry both.  Here are my favorite two.
  10. Neck Gaiter: Offering protection from the sun, wind, and cold, a neck gaiter is a versatile piece of apparel that can be used in many ways. With UV protection built-in, it can also help prevent sunburn on the neck and lower face, a common issue for anglers. There are tons of styles to choose from so pick one you like. Or give them that extra edge by finding one that is subtle and supports their stealthy desires.
  11. Wool Socks: A comfortable pair of wool socks can make a big difference in keeping an angler's feet warm and dry, especially when wading in cold waters. They're also durable and odor-resistant, which is perfect for long days by the water. Go thin because it will provide their feet with ample room, thus greater circulation and warmth.
  12. Polarized Sunglasses: These are not just for style – they cut through the glare on the water's surface, allowing anglers to spot fish and underwater structures more easily. This can greatly increase an angler's chances of success and reduce eye strain during long hours of fishing. Take a look at the current glasses that you or your angler have. Then pick a different lens color. Most freshwater glasses are amber but having a low light yellow, for example, is an ultimate game changer. 
  13. Sun Shirt: Designed to protect against harmful UV rays, a good sun shirt can keep an angler cool and sunburn-free. The technical fabrics used in these shirts are lightweight and moisture-wicking, making them comfortable for all-day wear. One thing to know is that manufacturers have to pay extra for a shirt that has a UV rating. Although, all shirts have a UV rating based on the tightness of the nit. Paying extra allows for a fancy label and testing.  Save a few bucks and get a few other stocking stuffers! I've found a medium to light shirt with a hood is my favorite choice.
  14. Hat: A hat offers shade and cooling, crucial for the open water where the sun reflects off the surface. Whether it's a wide-brimmed hat for maximum coverage or a cap with a favorite brand or fish species, it's a classic and essential piece of gear for any fly fisherman. I prefer a hat that has a darker underbill.  However, it’s a hat…have fun and get one they will enjoy.
  15. Medical Kit: Last but not least. Get a medical kit. Having a medical kit in your bag or in the car is a must have. It's way to often overlooked and it very well may sit there for a long time. However, when you need it, you need it.  I also find it handy and have become known by friends as the guy with the medical kit.  You would be surprised how many cuts and scraps have been repaired with my kit.  It's also great to pull out of the car and toss into a raft, boat, etc. My Medic has the best kits I've found and they supply refills when, where you need them. The MayFAK Medical Kit is an ideal size and has the right supplies for fly fishing. 

Each one of these items shows thoughtfulness in understanding the fly fishing enthusiast’s needs, offering both functional value and enhancing their overall fishing experience. These stocking stuffers can make their pursuit more enjoyable, more successful, and more comfortable, which is why they are excellent choices for anyone passionate about fly fishing. Remember, fly fishing is fun and we get into it for enjoyment. Think from the heart and you’ll be fine. Best of luck to you and yours over the holidays!

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