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Donnie Price, owner of a fishing lodge in Baja California, shares his passion for roosterfish and provides insights into fishing techniques and strategies. The conversation covers topics such as the distribution of the podcast, the location and history of the bay, fishing conditions and challenges, fishing schedules, rods and lines, leaders and hooks, poppers and bait and switch techniques, and conservation practices. Donnie emphasizes the importance of matching the hatch and adapting to the behavior of roosterfish. The conversation also touches on the enjoyment of consuming fresh fish and the overall experience of fishing in the area. In this conversation, Donnie shares his expertise on fly fishing for roosterfish in the Sea of Cortez. He discusses casting techniques, the beauty of the Sea of Cortez, the raw and untouched environment, the spectacular fishery of Saralbo Island, and the legend of Muertos Bay. Donnie also provides contact information for El Gallo Fly Fishing. He offers preparation tips for roosterfish, including practicing casting and presenting the fly quickly. He emphasizes the importance of using the right equipment, such as reels with good drag and capacity for backing. Donnie also shares tips for fighting roosterfish, including maintaining the right angle and using the butt of the rod for strength.


  • Casting far and quickly is important when targeting roosterfish.
  • The Sea of Cortez offers a beautiful and untouched environment for fly fishing.
  • Saralbo Island is a spectacular fishery with diverse fish species.
  • Muertos Bay has a fascinating history and legends associated with it.
  • Preparation is key for a successful roosterfish fishing trip, including practicing casting and using the right equipment.
  • When fighting roosterfish, maintain the right angle and use the butt of the rod for strength. 

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