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In this episode of the Points North Podcast, host Dan Wanschura discusses the fishing opportunities and experiences in the Great Lakes region, particularly in the Midwest. He explores the rivers and tributaries that offer excellent fly fishing, as well as the immersive experiences of jigging and fishing in the lakes. Dan also shares his transition to fly fishing and the reasons behind it. The episode delves into the issue of invasive species and the challenges of changing angler behavior to prevent their spread. It highlights the importance of education, awareness, and creating a social norm to address this issue. The conversation explores the challenges and barriers anglers face when it comes to cleaning their gear, particularly while traveling. It discusses the difficulties of washing gear in hotels and the concerns about damaging expensive waiters. The conversation also highlights the importance of protecting the investment in waiters and reducing obstacles for customers. It examines the lack of awareness and education surrounding gear cleaning and the potential effectiveness of boot washing stations as a solution. The impact of education and children on behavior change is also discussed, along with the importance of taking action and educating others.


  • The Great Lakes region offers diverse fishing opportunities, including fly fishing in rivers and tributaries, as well as jigging and fishing in the lakes.
  • Fly fishing provides an immersive experience in nature and a deeper connection with the environment.
  • Invasive species pose a significant threat to fisheries, and changing angler behavior is crucial to prevent their spread.
  • Addressing invasive species requires education, awareness, and creating a social norm to encourage responsible angler behavior. Cleaning gear while traveling can be challenging due to limited access to washing facilities.
  • Concerns about damaging expensive waiters and voiding warranties can discourage anglers from cleaning their gear.
  • Boot washing stations can be a simple and effective solution to promote gear cleaning.
  • Education and awareness are crucial in encouraging anglers to clean their gear and prevent the spread of invasive species.

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