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Discover the Excitement of Fly Fishing with Captain Miles Larose with Louisiana Fly Fishing: Mastering Redfish, Sheepshead, Tarpon, and Crevalle Jack

Captain Miles Larose, a seasoned guide known for his expertise in Louisiana fly fishing and targeting Redfish, the elusive Sheepshead, acrobatic  Tarpon, and the vigorous Crevalle Jack. As @skiffsupply on Instagram and Facebook, and through his website www.skiffsupply.com, my friend Captain Miles Larose has to be the strongest Louisiana anglers I've ever met.

Captain Larose bringing in a Crevalle Jack



The Thrill of Targeting Redfish, Sheepshead, Tarpon, and Crevalle Jack

Taking on a Louisiana fly fishing trip with Captain Miles Larose offers the unique opportunity to target four ultra exciting and challenging species in the waters: Redfish, Sheepshead, Tarpon, and Crevalle Jack. Each of these species brings its own set of challenges and thrills, making every catch a memorable one. My first time fishing with Miles he brought my partner around a bend and into a cove to hunt Redfish.  His advice for pulling in was to my partner who was up on the casting deck.  “Be ready.” Shortly thereafter I witnessed several dolphins crashing bait onto the shore and along with the dolphins came several bull redfish who were following suit. My partner Todd hooked up with a big bull and I quickly swapped spots with him while grabbed my rod.  Almost paralyzed by the sites, we somehow kept it together and I too was able to hook into another sizable red.  After landing the two, the celebration of doubles ensued and the game was on.  Not bad for the start of the day is all I could think. What I’ve found most remarkable is that Miles has been able to repeat similar scenarios every time I’ve been privileged to fish with him.  He has to be one of the most fishy guides I have ever met. 

Redfish: A Stealthy Pursuit

Redfish, known for their distinctive copper hue and spotted tail, offer a unique challenge. These elusive beasts favor shallow waters, often found meandering through marshes and flats. Although you will often find the big boys floating in slightly deeper water. Emerging and quickly disappearing so “be ready.” Catching a Redfish demands stealth and precision. Anglers must approach quietly, avoiding any disturbances that could spook these cautious fish. The thrill lies in the sight-fishing aspect, where you spot and stalk your prey before making a precise cast. The moment a Redfish takes the bait is both exhilarating and rewarding, a true testament to the angler’s skill and patience.
As an angler looking to get into or improve on saltwater fly fishing, I can’t think of a better species and location. Louisiana fly fishing offers slightly murky waters where you can get away with an error or two so you can get close, you’ll get multiple shots, close proximity, and even better, the redfish eat. Seriously, put a fly within the realm and the chances of eating are extremely high. 


Sheepshead: The Wary Adversary

Sheepshead, with their distinct black and white stripes and human-like teeth, are notorious for their wariness. These clever fish are often found around structures like piers, rocks, and reefs, where they feed on crustaceans. The challenge in catching Sheepshead lies in their ability to steal bait without getting hooked. Anglers need to be highly precise in their technique, often requiring a delicate touch and quick reflexes to successfully hook a Sheepshead. The satisfaction of outwitting these cunning fish makes every catch a triumph.
When your skill set has improved on the various Redfish you’ve landed during you Louisiana fly fishing trip, then next in line is to attempt Sheepshead.  They are considered the Permit of the South by many anglers. Feeling or seeing a take can sometimes be mind-boggling, frustrating, and darn-right rewarding. Feeling the jolting power of the pan-like and wiley fish tugging away all while praying that you got a good hook set somewhere in that crowded jaw of teeth is quite exhilarating.   


Tarpon: The Acrobatic Giant

Tarpon, often referred to as the “Silver King,” are amongst the most sought-after species for fly fishermen. Known for their spectacular jumps and long, powerful runs, hooking a Tarpon is an adrenaline rush like no other. These giants of the sea require not just strength but also strategy, as they are known for their acrobatics and sheer power. I always equate it to having a starved pitbull on the end of your line.  A giant mound of muscle and meat rapidly ripping its head and powerful neck back and forth looking for freedom. The sight of a Tarpon leaping out of the water, glistening in the sun, is a spectacle in itself. Landing a Tarpon is a feat that is celebrated by anglers worldwide but often it takes more than one hooked to actually land it. This has become a true badge of honor in the tradition of fly fishing.



Crevalle Jack: The Energetic Battle

Crevalle Jack are known for their strength and endurance, making them a thrilling target for any angler. These fast-swimming fish are powerful fighters, often putting up a vigorous battle when hooked. The chase is adrenaline-packed, as Crevalle Jack can quickly change directions and speed, testing the angler’s skill and stamina. Pound for pound they are a powerful adversary. The excitement of the chase, followed by the intense struggle to reel them in, makes landing a Crevalle Jack an unforgettable experience. What can be even more exciting is the take. They are absolute killers with ferocious appetites.


Targeting Redfish, Sheepshead, Tarpon, and Crevalle Jack while Louisina fly fishing with Captain Miles Larose offers a diverse and exhilarating fishing experience. Each species presents its unique set of challenges, making every catch a rewarding and memorable achievement. Whether you’re drawn to the stealthy pursuit of Redfish, the cunning battle with Sheepshead, the energetic fight of Crevalle Jack, or the majestic power of Tarpon, these fishing adventures promise to thrill and bring excitement at every turn. Most just don't understand that you can do it all in one Louisiana fly fishing trip!

Beautiful Louisinan Fly Fishing Locations and Sustainable Practices

Captain Larose's fishing expeditions take place in some of the most picturesque and fertile fishing grounds in North America. These pristine waters, just outside of New Orleans, LA are not just a backdrop for your adventure but are vital ecosystems that Captain Larose is committed to protecting. This is something I've apreatiated that is unique.  His sustainable practices ensure minimal impact on the environment, promoting a healthy habitat for future generations of fish and fishermen. He's also headed up tournaments for sheepshead and worked with various manufacturers to support the event and the Louisinia fly fishing environment. 

Customized Experiences for Anglers of All Levels

Beginners, intermediates, and seasoned anglers all fit into the Louisina fly fishing program. Captain Larose tailors the experience to fit your skill level. His patience and instructional skill ensure that beginners find their footing quickly, while experienced anglers are challenged and honed. I remember when I asked him once what I needed to work on and I new the ansewr. IT was like he was reading my mind.  He looked at me and evenly said, "Your cast."  It was straight to the point..."you're doing this and if you want more success you need to xyz." I went home and worked on it and sure enough it was far better on the next round. Testimonials from past clients often speak of the enriching and personalized approach Captain Larose takes, making every trip a learning experience. Most importantly, I’ve found that Captain Larose knows where the fish are. It is one thing to be out with an experienced guide who can teach but when they can teach while putting you on fish that is a differentiator.

Booking Your Louisiana Fly Fishing Adventure with Captain Larose

Ready to take on Redfish, Sheepshead, Tarpon, and Crevalle Jack with Captain Larose? Visit www.skiffsupply.com to book your trip. You’ll find all the information you need, from available dates to the types of trips offered. Don’t miss out on the peak seasons for these species – book in advance to secure your spot.  Come on one of our hosted outings and enjoy a few extras.  Feel free to ask questions. chrisitan@flyfishinginsiderpodcast.com

Connect and Follow for More Adventures

Stay connected with Captain Larose’s adventures by following him on Instagram and Facebook @skiffsupply. Here, you’ll find regular updates, breathtaking photos, and a look inside the life of Captain Larose keeping you in the loop of the exciting world of fly fishing that is available in New Louisiana. Want to see it elsewhere than check out my channel @dupeafish where we regularly post photos from our trips with Larose.

Join Captain Miles Larose for an extraordinary fly fishing experience, where cost and proximity are optimized for anglers. Besides, all of that, it's more than a fishing trip - it's an adventure filled with learning, discovery, and the thrill of reels screaming into their backing!


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