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In this conversation, Christian Bacasa and Lance Kittel discuss the creative side of fly fishing, with a focus on rod building. Lance shares his background in conservation and how it led him to explore the art of rod building. He talks about the process of building a rod, including the importance of storytelling and attention to detail. Lance also discusses his experimentation with different materials and techniques, as well as the resources he used to build his knowledge. The conversation covers topics such as handle construction, real seat selection, and achieving balance in a rod. In this conversation, Lance Kittel shares his expertise in rod building and fly tying. He discusses the importance of using the right materials, such as drywall tape for reel seats and Colorfast ProWrap thread for guide wraps. He also provides tips for achieving tight and cohesive thread wraps and shares his favorite tools and materials that can be found outside of fly shops, including chip clips for dubbing loops, adhesive foam sheets for fly bodies, beads for fly tying, and acrylic yarn for making laser dub. Lance's unique and creative approach to rod building and fly tying is evident in his custom rods and flies.


  • Rod building is a creative art form that allows anglers to customize their fishing experience.
  • Experimentation with different materials and techniques is key to developing a unique style in rod building.
  • Attention to detail, such as storytelling and creating a verbal mental image, can elevate the quality of a rod building project.
  • The process of building a rod involves specific steps and a balance between following a recipe and exploring creative possibilities.
  • Resources such as YouTube and online forums can provide valuable information and guidance for aspiring rod builders.
  • Achieving balance in a rod is crucial for optimal performance and comfort during fishing.
  • Handle construction, real seat selection, and the use of fillers like drywall tape are important considerations in rod building. Using drywall tape instead of painters tape for reel seats provides a better bond with epoxy.
  • Colorfast ProWrap thread maintains its color when epoxy is applied, while non-colorfast thread can change color.
  • Creating tight and cohesive thread wraps is important for a strong bond with guides.
  • Chip clips can be used for holding materials in dubbing loops.
  • Adhesive foam sheets from craft stores are great for tying foam flies.
  • Beads from general stores can be used for fly tying.
  • Acrylic yarn can be deconstructed to make laser dub for fly bodies.

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