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Jump into the world of a father daughter stillwater duo in fly fishing with the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast, hosted by Christian Bacasa. The podcast features a diverse array of experiences, techniques, and personal stories from seasoned anglers. In this series, we explore the enriching tales of Graeme and Katherine Mulski, father and daughter duo, who share their deep connection to fly fishing.


Part 1: A Stillwater Fishing Legacy - Graeme and Katherine Mulski

This episode highlights the multigenerational passion for fly fishing within the Mulski family. Graeme recounts his early days of fishing by the Fraser River and his evolution from gear fishing to fly fishing. Katherine shares her journey into the activity, influenced by her father. Their stories illustrate the deep connections and memories forged through fly fishing, showcasing it as more than just a hobby, but a bond that brings families closer and connects them with nature.

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Part 2: Evolution as Stillwater Anglers

The speakers discuss their transitions from gear fishing to fly fishing, highlighting their experiences in different fishing locations. They emphasize the importance of learning from experts and exploring various techniques. This segment underlines the shared knowledge within the fishing community and the importance of patience and perseverance in mastering fly fishing.


Part 3: Solitude and Connection in Stillwater Fly Fishing

In this segment, stillwater fly fishing is portrayed as a form of meditation and a method for connecting with nature, promoting personal wellness. The speakers delve into their experiences of fishing in solitude, the meditative aspects of the activity, and the joy of learning and connecting with the fishing community.


Part 4: Fly Fishing as a Journey and Meditation

This part of the podcast focuses on the journey and planning involved in fly fishing. Speakers share their appreciation for the “liquid silence” of stillwaters and discuss the communal and meditative aspects of the activity. They also talk about the physicality of fly fishing and the joys of preparing food and sharing experiences with fellow anglers.

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Part 5: An Adventurous Fly Fishing Expedition

Katherine and Graeme Mulski recount a memorable fishing expedition in the stillwater lakes outside Merit. Their story is filled with resilience and humor, demonstrating their dedication to the more than hobby. They discuss the challenges they faced, such as breaking through ice to reach open waters, and the rewarding experience of catching beautiful brookies.


Part 6: A Day on the Boat with Passionate Stillwater Anglers

The episode features a unique perspective on fly fishing with the inclusion of Norah, an English bulldog. The speakers highlight the importance of photography in fly fishing, the role of culinary choices, and the evolution of fishing techniques. The segment underscores the significance of gear readiness and the continual journey of learning in fly fishing.

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Part 7: Gear Readiness and Learning in Stillwater Fly Fishing

The conversation emphasizes the importance of preparing gear, selecting the right equipment, and learning from experiences. Speakers discuss the intricacies of fly fishing, such as fly box selections, strategies, and the value of community interaction. They stress the importance of adapting to different environments and continually acquiring knowledge.


Part 8: Equipment Essentials and Conservation Ethic

Graeme Mulski discusses the vital role of boats, rods, and tackle in fly fishing. He emphasizes the importance of gear preparation, fly selection, and conservation ethics. Graeme advocates for sustainable fishing practices and shares his joy in releasing fish back into the waters.


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Part 9: Fly Fishing Insights and Strategies

The podcast delves into detailed strategies for fly fishing, including fly box management, gear choices, and adapting to various fishing conditions. The speakers share their experiences and highlight the importance of environmental consciousness and the joy derived from fishing.



The Fly Fishing Insider Podcast provides a mix of experiences, strategies, and personal reflections on fly fishing. From the Mulski family's generational stillwater passion to the technical insights of other seasoned anglers, each episode offers a unique perspective on the activity. The podcast celebrates fly fishing as a journey of discovery, meditation, connection, and an enduring legacy passed down through generations. Whether it's the tranquil solitude of fishing or the shared joy of experiences, these stories resonate with both novice and experienced anglers alike, offering a deeper appreciation of the art and soul of fly fishing.

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