Podcast Advertising Opportunity

The fly Fishing insider media now offers a great opportunity for fly fishing and outdoor fishing brands, services and lodges to promote your business with in our weekly podcast episodes. Thats right!

The fly fishing insider podcast is an established podcast with a loyal weekly audience, who has been following the podcast show for 3 seasons now. It’s no secret that the fly fishing insider podcast has the biggest and best brands, guides and more with in the podcast space. We have over 100 podcast episodes in our library of podcasts and well over 10k in monthly episode downloads. The fly fishing insider podcast is listed on Apple podcasts, Amazon music and podcasts, Spotify and google podcasts as well as many many more platforms.

Our Podcast advertising opportunities are a great and affordable option for business looking to get out there more kinda like yours, right. Contact us now and lets get started in getting your brands ad on our show now.

FAQs About Our Advertising Program

A: Two reasons why podcast advertising is right for a brand, the first is they are extremely effective, in getting your message out there to a direct and defined demographic. The second is podcast growth is not showing any signs of slowing down and the growth is huge, podcast and the podcast episodes in which a brand advertises on is ever green content as with new listeners finding the episode daily, thus keeping your ad fresh new content.
A: The fly fishing insider podcast charges some of the best rates with the lowest pricing with in the industry given the size of our audience. We charge a package deal so you know exactly what you pay right from the start.
A: Your ad is created to make sure sure that you get your brands message out there correctly right from day one. So your ad could be anywhere from 15 to 59 secs long.
A: We do it all, it really couldn’t be any easier than this. The fly fishing insider media team will create your brands AD and then send you the audio file, you approve it we post it to our show schedule and you sit back and enjoy the benefits.
A: Now is great time to get started as we only host one show a week and you never know how full our schedule is , so contacting the fly fishing insider media is best.

If You Have More Questions

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Our Lodge Program

Well welcome friend, you are here because you have seen or heard about our lodge program. Are you a lodge or outfitter who’s looking to increase more traffic and guest bookings? Are you looking to capture a portion of social media and make you lodge business more relevant and noticeable? Then you came to the right place. We do exactly this and more, with our tried and proven lodge program developed by the fly fishing insider media and our team.

We take your lodge and outfitter services to new levels all while having fun first. This lodge program is offered only to those who are serious about improving their clients and guest bookings, and those who would like to learn more about the program and the many services we can offer your lodge with in our tired packages of the lodge program.

To book a consult and learn more , contact us now.

I created The Fly-Fishing Insider Podcast because I knew I always wanted to be in the Fly-Fishing Industry, but in what capacity I was unsure. Naturally, It became clear that I was more fascinated with the icons with in the industry and more focused on what other brands and people were doing to revolutionize this crazy sport I love so much. That’s when I knew I had to build a platform for these amazing stories to be shared, so others can be influenced or inspired to follow their dreams with in this industry,
or simply be amazed as I am.

Greg Keenan

Founder of the Fly Fishing Insider podcast

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