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Embracing the Art of Preparation in Sports: Fly Fishing vs. Golf

I want to have an exploration of preparation strategies in sports, drawing parallels between fly fishing in new waters and a professional golfer preparing for a tournament. In both domains, whether casting a line or swinging a club, preparation is key to success. Funny enough I regularly see and hear about this from golfers but in fly fishing there tends to always be an excuse as to why it didn’t happen.

Section 1: Strategy and Research - The Common Ground

  • Understanding the Terrain: Just as anglers study the geography and fish species of new waters, golfers analyze golf courses, focusing on layout, hazards, and green conditions. Knowledge of the terrain is crucial in both sports for optimal performance. This is extremely typical in fly fishing and is often slightly less concerning to golfers.  
  • Seasonal Adaptation: Anglers and golfers both adjust their strategies to seasonal changes. In fly fishing, this means understanding fish behavior and insect hatches, while in golf, it involves adapting to course conditions affected by weather. For both endeavors I feel like this is an experience item.  Those that have the experience deal with it well and those that don’t tend to learn along the way.  Building a repertoire of moves for these conditions is more of a long-term study of experiences than it is research or practice.  However, there are small things you can do to prepare.  Wind casting in the park is a prime example.

Section 2: Equipment - Tailored for Success

  • Choosing the Right Tools: Selecting the appropriate rod, reel, and flies in fly fishing mirrors a golfer's choice of clubs based on the course and weather conditions. Both sports require specialized equipment for different scenarios. We love our gear regardless of the sport and researching talking, trying, etc. is a ton of fun. The key for me in this realm is that I try to avoid all the marketing hoopla and stick to what I know, then give them a try.  Fly fishing in particular has a ton of gear.  Flies, socks, hats, rods, bags, and so much more.  I test and try tons of different items and my largest frustration is that I never have the same.  I recall early on having one setup and it was a dream.  I was so much more efficient in my fly fishing than I have been lately.  Perhaps it is time to go back to that for a bit and remember by roots.
  • Appropriate Attire: Just as fly fishing demands suitable clothing for various environments, golfers choose attire and gear (like gloves and shoes) that offer comfort and aid performance under varying weather conditions. It is really important to be comfortable in my opinion.  Know what your clothing is doing for you and how it is helping you perform or relax.

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Section 3: Local Insights and Adherence to Rules

  • Learning from Experts: Hiring a guide in fly fishing for local insights parallels consulting with caddies or local golfers to understand a new golf course. Both practices can significantly enhance performance. Golfers spare no expense on golf lessons, yet anglers tend to be more reclusive in regard to guides.  Having a guide outing once a year can make a tremendous effect on your angling.  Having the ability to bounce things off of someone who you know is confident can be an invaluable resource. 
  • Respecting the Rules: Both fly fishing and golf have specific regulations and etiquette that must be adhered to, ensuring fair play and sustainability of the sport and environment. I’m weak here.  I’m typically on location asking about what the local rules and regulations are. It’s worked out but places like Yellowstone where you can’t have lead is an example of a mistake where homework wasn’t done.  Ask me how I know. 

Section 4: Practice and Mental Preparation - The Universal Key

  • Honing Skills: The necessity of practicing different casting techniques in fly fishing is akin to a golfer practicing various shots. Mastery of skills in both sports is achieved through dedicated practice. I find it funny to compare the two because golfers significantly out practice anglers. This one is a pet peeve of mine.  I constantly fish with anglers who complain about messing up, missing cast, or whatever else it is and I love asking the question, “how often do you practice it?” The responses are comical.
  • Mental and Physical Readiness: Mental preparation is vital in both sports. Patience, focus, and readiness for varying conditions and outcomes are essential traits for both anglers and golfers. I’ll relate this to taking a friend, Mike, out the other day.  I showed him a few techniques and low and behold we spotting fish that were in the exact scenario.  After a few casts, I laughed and said, “well, don’t get all spazzed out on me buddy.”  Funny enough his response was, “I know…I am so freaked out!”   I quickly reminded him that, “it is all feeding the fish that were feeding on your nymphs feel the same as that guy feeding on dries so don’t put so much pressure on yourself.” 

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Section 5: Environmental and Ethical Considerations

  • Respect for Nature and Ethical Conduct: Fly fishing's emphasis on catch and release and environmental stewardship is comparable to golf's emphasis on maintaining course integrity and respecting the game's traditions. The level of care by both teams can meet both extremes.  I suggest leaning towards the higher-end experiences.  We have limited waterways/golf courses so take care of them and respect them ethically. 

The Universal Value of Preparation for Fly Fishing

Preparation is the foundation of success in both fly fishing and golf. Researching your environment, selecting the right equipment, tapping into local knowledge, and continuous skill refinement are essential in both sports. While the specifics may differ, the underlying principle of thorough preparation unites these seemingly different activities, highlighting its universal value across different sports. One of my favorite comments is “You wouldn’t walk out onto the course without practicing a few swings…so why do anglers do that on their 3, 5, 10K dollar trips?”


Sharing Experiences and Learning Fly Fishing Together

I invite you to share your experiences and tips on preparation, for fly fishing. Let's learn from each other's strategies to enhance our performances in the endeavor we love.

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 Christian Bacasa, Host of the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast

By Christian Bacasa
Host of the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast

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