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The Denver Fly Fishing Show was hopping this year and full of great manufacturers that are gearing up for the next summer season.  Three days of walking around, and chatting with old and new friends was more than fun.  Not all of it is fun and catching up but instead, there is a lot of looking into what is coming and how the industry is changing.  Here are a few things I found at the show that should be really exciting for anglers in the upcoming year. 


Lidrig - A Full Product Line

The now popular brand of nippers, Lidrig. Yes, the ones that came up with the innovative design of attaching magnetic nippers to your hat/lid.  Boy have they grown and rounded out their lineup offering.  Where it used to be nippers only they now have an entire series of products that are geared towards working together in unison.  Nippers, modular magnetic fly boxes, magnetic confidence fly boxes, magnetic pad for adding to coolers, etc., and one of my favorites the Mag Wheel. The Mag Wheel is a magnetic tool that can be clipped to a pack or wader strap and allows you to integrate boxes, store your nippers and or forceps, and flies. The combination of products is truly game-changing for the company and those who use it. 


Fly Life Media - A Better Source

It’s not often that a media source enters the world of fly fishing and makes a unique splash. Trent Jones of @TCT_Hustle fired up a new and unique content offering with Fly Life Media,, and with his ambition is looking to set a new standard for content quality and availability. 

I’m excited to let you know that not only is he working on his own media and content but he has partnered with several hand-selected sources to build a network of quality media and productions that will surely entertain and facilitate fly fishing anglers. 

You heard it here first, that Fly Life Media is partnering with the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast to develop collaborative content for anglers across the globe so they can catch more species, anytime and anywhere.




Dr. Slick -  Nippers or pliers or what?

Dr. Slick is no stranger to creating great tools and they outdid themselves with a new cyclone nipper design. The design addresses a few key areas where nippers have often fallen short.  This is especially true when it comes to the transition from small tippet and line for trout to heavy hard mono for saltwater.  You need to see these new mini nipper pliers. 


The X-Flats - A Lodge and Guide Experience

Owner of the X-Flats lodge, Jesse doesn’t just focus on the fishing. Instead, he has created an experience. Everything from getting to and from to all the in-between. Go down and fish your heart out but know that when you aren’t on the water you are getting more than just a meal. Advice, experience, and so much more. 


Umpqua Feather Merchants - New materials packets, new hooks, box revamp

Umpqua upped its game in the fly tying world by adding a few things. Their range of hooks expanded and is still one of the diverse trout hook selections by a major manufacturer. Complimenting the hooks are now sized and ready materials packets by Metz.  If you want size 18 grizzly hackles and nothing else then look no further. 
Fly boxes were revamped too now offering both foam and silicon versions in the same models. Doing this makes it easier to choose what you want and need. Lastly the offer euro indicator leaders in various versions so you can progress from a beginner high vise sighter to an advanced sighter.  

Flylab - Real Reviews

Flylab launched and in a big way. They are a review portal that is completely unbiased and looking to show anglers the real perspective on everything fly fishing. Check them out as it will be interesting to see how they change the environment of reviews that are regularly extremely biased. 


Skwala Fly Fishing - New player in the wader world

Looking for new waders. Well, the selection process just got harder. In the past top wader selection was left to 4 brands. Now Skwala enters the field and their waders look extremely solid. With leadership history related to the Sitka brand it is no surprise that they are quickly entering the market and making an impact. 


Fishpond - Still one of the number one providers of packs and gear

Fishpond remains a staple product offering for anglers. They have been a longstanding brand of excellence that focuses on angler needs and the environment.  Without hesitation, an angler can purchase a product knowing that an enormous level of thought and investment have gone into the piece. Nothing here has changed but the rumour of new innovation is on the horizon. 


Seigler Fly Fishing Reels - Top of the line USA Made saltwater reels and now a trout reel

Wes Seigler is undoubtedly one of the most loved men in fly fishing that you’ve probably never heard of. That’s because he is so darn unasumptive in his approach when it comes to Seigler Reels. From a personal perspective, I have seen reps from prominent reel manufacturers shift to Seigler Reels as a replacement for their top-end scenarios. The reels have such a unique and meticulous design that you can not duplicate the performance. 

New this year is the offering of a trout-sized reel that is absolutely beautiful. If you haven’t already seen a Seigler Reel, then start looking and asking for one at the local shop. 

Monic Fly Lines - an eco-friendly approach to fly lines

Monic Fly Lines is now offering poly leaders. This is a fantastic addition to the line of great lines. Located in Boulder Colorado the team over at Monic has done a great job of keeping things real when it comes to fly-line manufacturing. They still focus on delivering PVC-free lines and are one of the best. In addition, they continue to grow and develop recycling programs that offer a 25% discount on your next purchase when you participate. 


Grundens - Waders and boots

Many know about the Grundens waders. They are fantastic and many of the attributes came from developers who had insight into what Simms was doing.  They truly stepped up the game for everyone as there are now more than just a few brands that represent waders that are well-designed and reliable.

What most don’t know is that they have had a sneak attack on the boot market.  Deck boots have been a long-standing practice for them but wading boots have been a sley approach. Having looked at a few pairs I feel confident that Grunden’s has big plans for future development. 


Ahrex Hooks - The deepest lineup of hooks

One of my favorite hook designers and providers is Ahrex. They by far have what I consider the best line of hooks when it comes to styles. The styles cover just about anything in freshwater and salt. In addition, they have done a great job of identifying unique shapes that allow for various specific tying techniques which allow for specific design characteristics in build as well as final fly action.  


Moonlit Fly Fishing - Semperfly, lines, One-stop shop.

If you aren’t shopping Moonlit Fly Fishing yet then you need to take a look.  A once small manufacturer and distributor, Moonlit Fly Fishing has grown significantly. I can recall visiting owners Brandon and Brent to fish years ago. Back then it was making ferreled leaders in the garage while sourcing glass rods and hooks. Man, how things have changed. They still put every ounce of sweat into their selections but they offer so much more. Graphite rods, fly-tying materials from Semperfly, Moonlit Fly Lines, and much more. They’ve truly become a go-to one-stop shop for fly fishing. 


Cody’s Fish - An Art Lovers Style

Cody Richardson has become well known for his art and there is a reason why. When you see a piece up close and in person you can quickly see why they are so beloved by the community. The art is meticulous, precise, and well thought out. Looking for a new art piece to add to the collection then one of his license plate style renditions is a place to go. They range the gamut of types but have a place in any angler’s collection. 

All in all the show was delightful. It is always good to head out to a show and see fantastic participation from all sides; manufacturers, anglers, media, and retail locations. It has been a rare occurrence ever since COVID-19 but Denver hasn’t given up. 
See you at the next show!

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