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Welcome to the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast. Hosted by Christian Bacasa, this podcast brings to light the experiences, strategies, and passion that define fly fishing. Join us as we explore the journey of avid fly fisher Simeon Myers and other seasoned anglers, uncovering the essence of this beloved activity. In this episode, we discuss trophy trout hunting and the various ways to learn all about it in fly fishing.

The Journey Begins:

Simeon Myers' initiation into fly fishing started with nymph fishing, guided by his friend Matt Dunkelberger. This transition marked a significant shift from conventional spin and bait fishing, fostering a deep connection with the activity. Myers and his friends often frequented delayed harvest areas in Pennsylvania, embracing the catch-and-release philosophy and enjoying the solitude these locations offered. However, they never forgot the effects of gear when trophy trout hunting. 

Learning and Evolving:

Fly fishing for Myers was a process of continuous learning, starting from mastering basic nymphs to integrating more sophisticated techniques. His journey from fishing stocked trout to becoming a pro in Douglas Fly Fishing is a testament to his dedication and love for fly fishing.

The Digital Age of Fly Fishing and Trophy Trout Hunting:

In contrast to two decades ago when resources were scarce, today’s digital world offers a plethora of online resources for beginners. This shift highlights the evolution of learning and accessibility in the activity. Look on any social channel know and you can find out more about fly fishing or trophy trout hunting in 15 minutes then you were able to uncover in several hours in the past. 

The Essence of Equipment:

Both speakers on the podcast emphasized that successful fly fishing doesn’t necessarily require the most expensive gear. It’s the skill and experience, not the equipment's price, that often leads to success. Equipment has its place but you can accomplish a ton with basic gear when trophy trout hunting in fly fishing. 

Adventures and Techniques:

The podcast episodes reveal humorous anecdotes and valuable insights. From netting technique tips to transitioning to streamer fishing, these conversations provide a glimpse into the diverse tactics and experiences in fly fishing.

Streamer Fishing: A Thrilling Pursuit When Trophy Trout Hunting.

Simeon Myers shares his deep engagement with streamer fishing, a style that captivates him with its adrenaline and thrill. His approach emphasizes understanding trout behavior and adapting techniques to local conditions, showcasing his passion for this aspect of fly fishing.

The Art and Science of Fly Fishing:

Fly fishing is portrayed as a blend of strategy, observation, and adaptability. It’s a symphony of elements where success depends on a meticulous approach, an understanding of environmental factors, and the ability to adapt to various tactics.

The Joy of Learning and Being in the Moment:

The podcast also highlights the balance between pursuing success and enjoying the experience. The beauty of fly fishing lies in appreciating nature, embracing learning opportunities, and the camaraderie within the community.

Empathy, Ethics, and Community:

Speakers on the podcast underscored the importance of ethical interactions, empathy, and building connections through shared experiences. These elements contribute significantly to the rich and enjoyable fishing experience that goes beyond trophy trout hunting.


The Fly Fishing Insider Podcast offers a comprehensive view of the multifaceted world of fly fishing. From the elemental connection and ethical considerations to the detailed technical aspects, it is a realm where passion intertwines with respect, learning, and sharing. This journey through the podcast episodes not only enriches our understanding of fly fishing but also highlights the community spirit and continuous learning that makes this activity so captivating.

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