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In this conversation, Christian Bacasa interviews Stratton Hunter, an experienced fly fisherman, about his fishing adventures and travels. They discuss Stratton's expertise in musky fishing and his focus on small stream trout and wild trout fisheries in Western North Carolina. They also explore Stratton's two extensive tours around the world, where he fished in various countries and encountered unique fishing experiences. Stratton shares tips for successful DIY fishing, including using maps, talking to locals, and researching stream structures. The conversation provides insights into the lifestyle of a passionate angler and the joys of exploring new fishing destinations. In this conversation, Stratton Hunter and Christian Bacasa discuss DIY saltwater fly fishing. They talk about the importance of using apps like AllTrails and OnX to find fishable spots, as well as the role of tides and plant growth in saltwater fishing. They share stories of their experiences fishing in different locations, including Utila Honduras. Stratton also provides tips on gear setup, line control, and fly selection for saltwater fly fishing.
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  • Stratton Hunter is an experienced fly fisherman specializing in musky fishing and small stream trout in Western North Carolina.
  • He has traveled the world on two occasions, fishing in various countries and experiencing unique fishing adventures.
  • Successful DIY fishing requires using maps, talking to locals, and researching stream structures.
  • Exploring new fishing destinations and immersing oneself in the fishing lifestyle can be incredibly rewarding. Apps like AllTrails and OnX can be useful for finding fishable spots in saltwater fly fishing.
  • Understanding tides and plant growth is important in saltwater fishing.
  • Utila Honduras is a great DIY saltwater fly fishing destination.
  • A 9-weight rod is a versatile choice for flats fishing.
  • Line control and aerial mending are crucial skills in saltwater fly fishing.
  • Having a variety of flies and using a reliable knot is important for success in saltwater fly fishing.

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