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The conversation with Brian Muegge focused on the Salmon-Safe program and its efforts to promote watershed health. The discussion covered various topics, including fishing in Pennsylvania, applying best management practices to other areas, the Trout Safe program, getting involved in watershed health, supporting Salmon Safe, breweries and distilleries supporting Salmon Safe, whiskey and wine distilleries supporting Salmon Safe, and partnerships with other organizations. The main takeaway is the importance of individuals and communities taking action to protect and preserve our waters for future generations.


  • Fishing in Pennsylvania offers incredible fisheries that are highly underrated.
  • The best management practices for watershed health can be applied to other areas of the country.
  • The Trout Safe program applies the same core farm standards to areas without salmon to provide benefits to growers.
  • Getting involved in local conservation organizations and volunteering is a great way to support watershed health.
  • Supporting Salmon Safe can be done by purchasing products from breweries and distilleries that use certified salmon safe hops or grains.
  • Whiskey and wine distilleries also support Salmon Safe and promote sustainable sourcing.
  • Salmon Safe has partnerships with other organizations to ensure environmental stewardship.
  • It is important for individuals to get involved and take action to protect and preserve our waters for future generations.

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