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Pieter Snyders discusses fly fishing in South Africa, focusing on the different fish species and river types in the region. The main targets for fly fishing in Southern Africa are yellowfish and tigerfish, with trout also available in some areas. Peter explains the behavior and feeding habits of yellowfish, including their aggressive nature and preference for moving water. He also discusses the unique hatches and dry fly fishing opportunities in South Africa. The conversation touches on other species like largemouth bass and carp, as well as winter fishing techniques and loch-style drifts. In this conversation, Pieter discusses fly fishing for yellowfish in South Africa. He talks about the different species of yellowfish, their behavior, and the various techniques used to catch them. Pieter also mentions the development of a fly called the Mori, which is effective for mayfly and caddis hatches. He highlights the affordability and diversity of fishing trips in South Africa, as well as the opportunity to engage in other outdoor activities like surfing and climbing.


  • South Africa offers diverse fly fishing opportunities, with yellowfish and tigerfish being popular targets.
  • Yellowfish are aggressive and can be caught on dry flies, nymphs, and streamers.
  • Trout are found in some mountain regions of South Africa, offering a different fly fishing experience.
  • Other species like largemouth bass and carp are also available for fly fishing.
  • Winter fishing in South Africa often involves targeting large mouth yellowfish and using loch-style drifts.
  • The exchange rate and favorable weather make South Africa an affordable and enjoyable fly fishing destination. Yellowfish in South Africa can be caught using various techniques, including dry fly fishing, nymphing, and streamer fishing.
  • The smallmouth yellowfish is known for its strength and powerful fights, while the largemouth yellowfish is more lazy and less aggressive.
  • The Mori fly, developed by Pieter, is a versatile pattern that works well for mayfly and caddis hatches.
  • Fishing trips in South Africa are affordable and offer a diverse range of outdoor activities, such as surfing and climbing.

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