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In this episode of the Fly Fishing Insider podcast, host Christian Bacasa interviews Matt Martin, a fly fishing guide from the Toronto area. They discuss post-spawn pike fishing, spot fishing for various species, and tactics for spring and fall pike fishing. Matt shares his experiences fishing in Georgian Bay and the thrill of pike strikes. They also touch on warm water fishing and the growing popularity of bass fishing. In this part of the conversation, Matt Martin and Christian Bacasa discuss stripping techniques, line management, and strategies for sight fishing. They emphasize the importance of keeping the fly moving and using flies with built-in action. They also discuss the need to adapt techniques from trout fishing and the importance of making precise casts and presentations. Matt shares tips for setting the hook and fighting the fish, including the use of a big net and taking care of the fish. They also discuss the importance of managing line and rod pressure and the thrill of sight fishing. In this conversation, Matt Martin shares valuable insights and tips for fly fishing. He discusses casting techniques, emphasizing the importance of observing fish and using peripherals while casting. Matt also highlights the significance of practicing with the same fly and understanding its action. He provides advice on stripping techniques and adjusting the speed of retrieval based on the type of fly being used. Additionally, Matt offers guidance on handling different fish species, such as bass, pike, and carp. He concludes by sharing his contact information and encouraging anglers to reach out for advice and recommendations.


  • Post-spawn pike fishing can be exciting and challenging, with aggressive strikes and hard hits.
  • Spot fishing for fish in general requires observation and understanding of the fish's behavior and habitat.
  • Tactics for spring and fall pike fishing include using different lines and flies to target different depths and areas.
  • The thrill of pike strikes is unmatched, with the fish's explosive take and powerful runs.
  • Georgian Bay offers diverse fishing opportunities, including warm water species like bass and pike. Keep the fly moving and use flies with built-in action to attract pike
  • Adapt techniques from trout fishing for pike fishing
  • Make precise casts and presentations when sight fishing
  • Use a big net and take care of the fish to ensure their health
  • Manage line and rod pressure to effectively fight the fish

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