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New Year is coming up and you are likely looking for a new list of books to read.  I've picked a list of some of my favorite books over the past several years and separated them by categories. The idea was to give you books from each category to really accelerate your learning curve and make you a better angler.  Most are instructional books but there are a few that are more for fun. That being said, I even learned quite a bit from the fun ones. 
Want to pick up a few of these...send the blog to your gift givers as a tip for what you need. 

Nymphing - Dynamic Nymphing by George Daniel and Tactical Fly Fishing by Devin Olsen

These two books are mainstays in the nymphing tactics world. George follows a platform that is geared towards all the methods available and uses them when appropriate.  Whereas Devin focuses heavily on the modern or European nymphing style. Both are excellent choices for anyone looking to learn nymphing in a deeper and more complete manner. 


Sight Fishing - Sight Fishing by Landon Mayer
Landon takes a clear look at how to approach waterways tactically and specifically look for fish vs. prospecting. Everything from understanding where to look to how to land the fish.  

Reading Water - Reading Trout Water by Dave Hughes
When I first started angling, this was one of the best books I read.  Hughes uses since to help you recall the numerous images that he details and why fish are lying where he depicts them.  Real-world photos and detailed stories make you an expert at reading water for fish.

Wet Flies - Wet Flies by Dave Hughes
Ever heard of Flymphs?  Dave Hughes came up with this category of extremely effective wet flies. In this book, Davie outlines what the flies are imitating, how to fish them, why they are effective, and how to tye them. If you want a comprehensive guide to wet flies then this is your read.

Strategy - Out of the Box by John Barr

John Barr details his techniques for fishing multiple flies at the same time to become most effective.  Learn nymphs, hopper-droppers, drown spinners, and all the winning combinations of flies. Not just what to use but how and why is the most valuable aspect of the book. 

Picking Flies - The Orvis Guide to Hatch Strategies
Learn how to select flies and target trout.  What I enjoyed most about this book was that they diverted from the match-the-hatch strategy and explored the strategy of plainly getting the food in front of the fish.  Sometimes, we need to get our heads out of the water and instead into the feeding mind of fish.  

Fly Fishing from a Boat - Trout from a Boat - Dennis Moss
At some point, we all seem to fish from a boat regularly or at least have the opportunity to do so.  Dennis has put together a comprehensive book on how to when it comes to Stillwater fishing from a boat.  Everything from setup and tactics to species and time of year. 

Fly Tying - Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple by Skip Morris
Looking for a good introductory book on fly tying?  Skip built a book that covers a ton of basics with great diagrams and classic but effective patterns.  This is perfect for beginners who love books. 

Entomology - The Orvis Streamside Guide to Trout Foods and Their Imitations by Tom Rosenbauer
Tom isn’t an expert and highly qualified Entomologist, but he has so much knowledge of fly fishing and enough around entomology that this book has become a classic.  If you want to really understand the food that trout are eating, this field guide is a fantastic book to read and carry along for interesting and fun streamside inspections. 

Casting - Single-Handed Spey Casting by Simon Gawesworth
Upping your casting game is probably the most effective way to become a better angler.  Being able to put your fly in the right place and manipulate your line in the process is paramount.  Single-hand spey casting is a next-level approach to casting that will advance just about any angler, and Simon elegantly breaks down the various tactics and techniques.

Streamers - Strip Set by George Daniel
Are you looking to upgrade your streamer tactics?  George walks through tactics from a boat, how to land the fly, small streams and so much more.  I love how he provides real stories and tons of details on setup and delivery for success.

Bonus Reads:

Fly Fishing Adventure - Casting Onward by Steve Ramerez, and Headwaters by Dylan Tomine
I prefer reading nonfictional books that are focused on learning, but I love to relax and learn through storytelling as well.  Here are two books that fit that mold and have graceful stories about fly fishing. Take a read of either one and disappear into the abyss of fly fishing with tons of details and memories. 


That wraps it up for a comprehensive list of books I've not only enjoyed but have certainly added to my repertoire of fly fishing moves and made me a better angler.  Don't be shy, send the list to someone who will bring you a few over the holidays!  

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