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The holiday season is coming up, and there are a handful of fly fishing destinations to consider.  Here are a few recommendations that I have for either couples' vacations or family vacations.

When the holidays roll around, I like to look for fly fishing destinations that fit a few specific needs. The criteria I set are specifically lined up, so I feel like I get my needs met as an angler and a vacationer.

  • High propensity to catch fish
  • Multiple species
  • Other things to do
  • Weather

You know, vacationing during the holidays has a lot to do with family and doing more than fishing.  I prioritize the fishing ability but understand that the real vacation is for family time, etc.

Doing that seems to put me in the right location so that when I can fish, I’m going to be successful as an angler. 

Places to Go Fly Fishing for Holiday Vacation

Location: Iguana House Belize, San Pedro, Belize

Another fly fishing destination in Belize

The Iguana House is a special fly fishing destination that offers tons of fishing and is an absolutely beautiful place for a family vacation. You’re literally steps from miles of wadable flats when you wake up every day. That means you and the family are on the beach and ready to swim, explore, paddleboard, kayak, and fish.  Catching grabs, watching shrimp, and seeing permit, bones, etc., swim by can be a spectacular experience.
I highly recommend the DIY package that they offer it gives you the best of both worlds to explore.  A few guided days and a few DIY days. They are also open to custom packages, so just let Chris and Mary Alice know what you are interested in.

The views are unbeatable!

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Contact: Mary Alice and Chis at www.iguanahousebelize.com

Want to speak with me about the Iguana House?

Contact me at christian@flyfishinginsiderpodcast.com

  • High propensity to catch fish: Belize is known for the variety of fish and their density.  You will be able to target Permit, Bonefish, Tarpon, Snook, occasional triggers, snapper, etc. at this fly fishing destination. There really is a very high propensity to get into high-quality fishing. 
  • Multiple species: Species of various types are a mainstay for Belize, and you’ll have quite a few to choose from
  • Other things to do: The town of San Pedro has plenty to do, and you are a short ride to Belize City.  San Pedro, in particular, has all kinds of shops, secret beaches, explorations, and tours.  Don’t forget that you really don’t need to leave the house to have out of this out-of-this-world beachfront with scuba, snorkeling, kayaks, and paddle boarding. 
  • Weather: The weather in Belize doesn’t change much throughout the year, so there’s never really much to worry about.  The temperatures are warm, so bring plenty of sunscreen!
DIY Bonefish all day long

Learn more by listening to the owners and operators of the Iguana House Belize, Chris and Mary Alice!

    Location: El Gallo Fly Fishing Lodge, Baja, Mexico

    A few of these pulling your line and one to take home for cevici

    El Gallo is a unique Mexican adventure with beautiful amenities and world-class fishing.  Visiting El Gallo as a fly fishing destination is an experience and offers quite a bit to do.  You can of course, have amazing fishing for Roosterfish, Dorado, and a plethora of other species.  However, don’t discount all the other items.  Amazing views, whale watching, cruises, local foods, etc.

    Stay a week or a few days.  Either way, you’ll be amazed by the atmosphere that is created by the owner, Donnie Price.  Donnie has built a lodge experience that is welcoming for all and a highly regarded fly fishing destination.

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    Contact: Donnie Price at www.elgalloflyfishing.com

    Want to speak with me about El Gallo and what it has to offer?

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    There is more to a fly fishing destination
    • High propensity to catch fish: You will catch fish at this fly fishing destination.  This area is teaming with opportunity. Most people fish from a panga and are targeting Roosterfish and Dorado. However, you can do the same from the beach. There are also opportunities to catch almost an endless list of species if you want to explore that as well
    • Multiple species: There is almost no limitation to species, but there are high numbers in the big two: Roosterfish and Dorado
    • Other things to do: El Gallo is a bit remote, but they have plenty of options.  Donnie can help you look for alternatives like whale watching, cruises, beaches, and, of course, local affairs. 
    • Weather: The weather in Baja this time of year is quite nice.  Need a break from the cold, then the daytime temps will be perfect for you.  Cooler evenings make for great sleeping arrangements and cozy evenings.
    An amazing Roosterfish on the fly!

    Listen to Donnie Price the owner and operator of El Gallo to learn about the fishery!

      Location: Dinsmore Fishing Charters, Islamorada, Florida

      Captain Dinsmore with a beauty!

      Islamorada, Florida, is a fly fishing destination everyone should visit in a lifetime.  It’s hard to believe that this place exists within the United States and is not often thought about by most.  One of the six Florida Keys and a place with tons to do.  Enjoy the beaches, diving museum, sea adventures, and fine dining.  Wait, let’s not forget the incredible fishing. 

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      Contact: Captain David Dinsmore at www.dinsmorefishingcharters.com 

      Want to speak with me about the Islamorada?

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      What a great couples retreat
      • High propensity to catch fish: The Keys are home to volumes of fish, and the targets can change depending on the water type you fish.  That is the glory: you have tons of choices. 
      • Multiple species: Species of various types are available at this fly fishing destination, from Bonefish and Permit to Sharks, Redfish, and more. 
      • Other things to do: It’s the Keys, so you have to have a few slices of key lime pie, visit the Scuba Museum, tour the town, and people-watch and enjoy the succulent tastes of the island on the beach.  There are endless opportunities to explore and enjoy yourself, whether it is solitude or a night out. 
      • Weather: Florida never ceases to amaze me. Right in our backyard we have an incredible fly fishing destination.  Weather can be fickle, but the hurricane season is all you really need to worry about.


      Bonus: This website can be really cool if you are looking for a fun trip and don't know where to start! 


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