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Christian and Paul (PJ) Dufour's encounter at the 2024 Fly Fishing Show in Denver, Colorado, began an unexpected friendship. Beyond their shared passion for the art of fly fishing, they discovered a deeper connection rooted in their personal battles with cancer. This common ground formed the basis of their bond, leading to conversations that spanned the challenges they faced, the resilience they mustered, and the joy they found in the serenity of fly fishing. Their mutual experiences not only added depth to their friendship but also underscored the unexpected ways in which life can weave together the paths of individuals.

PJ's Fine Bamboo Rods - PJ Dufour

PJ, a respected bamboo fly rod and wood landing net builder, is known for his dedication to creating 'functional fly fishing art.' His work is a testament to his love for the art of fly fishing and his passion for innovation. PJ's commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and functionality has earned him recognition in the fly fishing industry. It has also driven him to pass on the dying craft of bamboo fly rod building.

As PJ describes, there's nothing quite like the feeling of seeing a twelve-foot bamboo culm perfected down to a beautiful, functional tool that may just be used for generations. His passion transcends from his work, making his creations more than just fishing gear; they are heirloom pieces deeply connected to memories, histories, and the pure joy of fly fishing.

Paul founded PJ's Fine Bamboo Rods in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, after a life-altering experience with cancer. His triumph over the disease allowed him to reassess his priorities, and thus, he dedicated his life to what he loved most: creating and fishing. Today, he joyously combines his passion for art and love of fly fishing into his bamboo fly rod and landing net creations. It's this journey of love and art, of tradition and nostalgia, which he aims to share with participants in his rod building classes.

In the intimate setting of PJ's workshop, each rod building class is meticulously designed to teach the craftsmanship of bamboo rod making and immerse students in the therapeutic process of creation. Students discover a unique form of relaxation and mindfulness, surrounded by the scent of fresh bamboo and the focused silence that precision demands. PJ believes that crafting your rod fosters a deeper connection with fly fishing, enhancing your appreciation for every cast and catch made with the tool you've crafted with your own hands.

PJ's Fine Bamboo - Bamboo Fly Rods and Custom Fly Fishing Nets

PJ and his team are filled with bamboo fly fishing history knowledge and captivating fishing stories, engaging the imagination and stirring the soul. Each rod, bearing the mark of its creator, becomes not just a tool but a symbol of a richer narrative—a testament to the blending of skill, tradition, and personal journey.

PJ's Fine Bamboo Rods classes transcend the conventional bounds of craftsmanship; they are an invitation to join a circle that cherishes the elegance of simplicity, the depth of history, and the profound joy of connecting with nature on an intimate level. This experience fuses skill, tradition, and a personal touch that doesn't just foster excellence; it kindles a profound connection to a community that holds the age-old beauty of tradition and the craftsmanship of the human hand in high esteem. PJ proudly boasts that he never allows a student to leave with a rod he would not fish himself.

PJ's exclusive six-day bamboo fly rod building courses are capped at four students, guaranteeing ample individual attention. Given the intimate class size and the picturesque setting in downtown Pagosa Springs, Colorado, these courses are in high demand. For more details or to register for a class, visit PJ's website. Attendees not only craft their own rods but also depart with lifelong memories.

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