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This blog captures the essence of an enriching conversation from the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast, where host Christian Bacasa interviews Joe Demalderis, an acclaimed guide with 25 years of experience in fly fishing. The discussion covers various aspects of fly fishing, from the diverse ecosystems of the Upper Delaware to the subtle nuances of presentation and understanding fish behavior. He also spends quite a bit of time on emerger fly fishing and how under rated they are in utilization so dive in and enjoy the read then visit the podcast.

Part 1: Diverse Ecosystems of Fly Fishing

Joe Demalderis delves into the varied fishing experiences offered by the Upper Delaware. He highlights the East Branch, West Branch, and the main Delaware, emphasizing the diversity of mayflies and hatches, particularly the Green Drake and emerger strategies. Joe provides valuable advice on understanding the different phases of a hatch and how fish behavior varies depending on their location in the river.

Part 2: Ecosystem Understanding and Angler Crowd Management

The podcast sheds light on the importance of understanding where bugs originate and the drift they take downstream. Joe advises on avoiding crowded fishing spots and seeking less obvious locations where fish might feed on 'junk'. The segment emphasizes quality over quantity in fly fishing and the joy of sight fishing. This is his leeway into discussing significant detail on emerger techniques for anglers.




Part 3: Connecting with Nature and Conservation Ethics

The conversation highlights the human connection in fly fishing, the personalization of the sport, and the differences between dry fly enthusiasts and nymph fishermen. It underscores the importance of conservation and respect for wild fish, along with the acceptance and unity within the fly fishing community.

Part 4: Mastering Fly Fishing Techniques

Joe shares his approach to fly fishing, focusing on observation before action. He discusses the fallacy of ‘always’ and ‘never’ in fishing methods, the importance of presentation, casting accuracy, fish stalking, and understanding fish behavior. The segment emphasizes the need for adaptability and situational awareness in successful fly fishing.

Part 5: Embracing the Art of Fly Fishing

This part delves into the art of stealth and being present at the moment during fly fishing. It discusses the importance of observation, adapting to conditions, knowing your limitations, and embracing the natural environment. The podcast encourages anglers to focus on the experience and enjoy the serene aspects of fly fishing.

Part 6: Decoding Emerger Strategies and Advanced Techniques

Joe offers insights into the adrenaline of the fish take, the misunderstood art of mending, and the importance of emerger patterns in fly fishing. He stresses the significance of presentation and intuition over overthinking and highlights the importance of emerger strategies in attracting fish.

Part 7: The Art and Nuance of Emerger Fly Presentation

The discussion focuses on understanding the behavior of fish, the key aspects of dry fly emerger presentation, technicalities and tactics in fly fishing, and the value of a good fly line. Joe emphasizes the necessity of observing and adapting techniques based on fish behavior and environmental conditions.


Joe Demalderis' expertise in fly fishing provides a comprehensive guide to mastering the sport. From understanding diverse ecosystems and fish behavior to the art of presentation and technical nuances related to the emerger phase, this blog encapsulates the profound insights and experiences shared in the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast, offering valuable lessons for both novice and seasoned anglers.

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