Mastering Loch Style Fly Fishing: Insights from Former Canadian Team Member Josh Gjelina and Competitive Techniques

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In a fascinating episode of the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast, host Christian Bacasa welcomes Josh Gjelina, a seasoned competitive fly fisher from the Canadian team. The blog captures their in-depth conversation, unraveling Josh's journey into the competitive realm of fly fishing, his strategies, and his experiences. It provides valuable insights for anglers looking to enhance their skills in competitive fly fishing.

Part 1: Journey to Competitive Fly Fishing

Josh Gjelina shares his unexpected foray into fly fishing, mentored by Jason Doucet. Starting directly in the competitive sphere, Josh's perseverance and dedication, under Jason's guidance, led him to triumph in tournaments like the Bug Trucker Cup. The discussion highlights the significance of the right equipment and specialized techniques in competitive fly fishing, such as Stillwater competitions, and Josh's adoption of a diverse range of fishing methods.

Part 2: Techniques, Obsessions, and Adventures

This section delves into Josh's discovery of 'Loch Style' fishing and his obsession with mastering it. His relentless practice and dedication to this challenging technique are discussed, alongside his passion for big fish and travel experiences in diverse fishing locales. Josh's adventures at the Palmer Lodge, capturing enormous trout and grayling, are recounted, emphasizing the ideal times for Arctic expeditions.

Part 3: Thrills and Challenges in Fly Fishing

The podcast explores the dynamics of lake fishing, migration patterns, and the vast northern lake's challenges. Josh shares stories from the Palmer Lodge, highlighting the behaviors of Arctic char and the excitement of catching these remarkable fish. The session concludes with reflections on transitioning from competitive to recreational fishing and the joy of exploring less-traveled fishing spots.


Part 4: Stillwater Fly Fishing Tactics

In this part, Josh discusses the intricacies of Stillwater fly fishing, focusing on understanding lake depth and column, managing the depth efficiently, and the importance of quick line-changing techniques. He shares pro tips for competitive anglers, emphasizing the necessity of efficient line management and the use of diverse fly lines.

Part 5: Building the Perfect Leader and Mastering Techniques

Josh offers insights into creating the perfect leader for lake fishing and the art of leader tapering. He discusses popular techniques like the Bung and Naked Lining, emphasizing the importance of retrieval in fly fishing. The speaker highlights the significance of fly selection, adapting to the fish's preferences, and the crucial role of confidence in fly fishing success.

Part 6: Innovative Fly Fishing Techniques

The podcast session illuminates diverse and sometimes counter-intuitive fly fishing techniques. It covers attraction fishing, the significance of confidence and adaptability, the relative perception of a successful fishing session, casting diversity, and unexpected fishing spots.


Part 7: River and Loch Style Fly Fishing Secrets

The episode transitions to discussing river fishing and the meticulous art of loch style fishing. It covers the basics of loch style, strategies for fishing different lake areas, and expert tips for adapting to changing conditions. The importance of persistence and adaptability in mastering these fishing techniques is highlighted.

Part 8: Loch Style Fly Fishing Tips

The final part of the podcast provides practical tips for loch style fly fishing, including fly placement, recognizing fish strains, net positioning, and the hang trick. The discussion emphasizes understanding drift dynamics, targeting specific areas, gaining confidence, and fly selection.

The podcast offers a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in competitive fly fishing. Josh Gjelina's experiences, strategies, and tips provide a comprehensive guide to mastering various fly fishing techniques and adapting to different competitive scenarios.

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