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In this podcast summary blog, I summarize the fly fishing expertise and adventures through the experiences of Garrett Lesko, a well-known figure in the fly-tying profession. We explore various facets of fly fishing - from the art of tying deer hair flies to the ability to find unique materials globally, and the importance of building genuine relationships within the fly fishing community. This interview takes us through Garrett's evolution from a young enthusiast to a master in fly tying, showcasing the intricate and artistic nature of tying flies.

Part 1: Garrett Lesko's Journey into Fly Fishing and the Fly Tying Profession

Garrett Lesko's story begins in Oregon, where his early fascination with fishing led him to discover the world of fly fishing and fly tying. His transformation from a conventional angler to a skilled fly tyer, inspired by the likes of Pat Cohen and the community at the Northwest Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo, illustrates the depth and creativity of the activity and the fly tying profession.

Part 2: Trade Shows and Discovering Niche Techniques

Fly fishing trade shows are highlighted as vibrant hubs for enthusiasts to learn and acquire materials. Garrett's exploration of European nymphs and deer hair flies showcases the diversity and complexity of tying techniques.

Part 3: The Art of Fly Tying Profession - A Deep Dive

This section focuses on the detailed craftsmanship in fly tying, emphasizing the importance of understanding materials like deer hair, and the necessity of having the right tools. It underscores the global nature of the craft, with learning and inspiration drawn from fly tiers worldwide.


Part 4: Fly Fishing Adventures and the Art of Material Gathering

Garrett shares his adventures in acquiring fly-tying materials from around the globe, emphasizing the importance of authentic and ethically sourced materials. His experiences at various fly-tying expos and virtual platforms during the pandemic are also discussed.

Part 5: The Passion Behind Fly Tying

This part delves into the dedication and artistry in fly tying, exploring the wide range of styles and techniques, from realistic designs to traditional ones. The sense of community in the fly tying profession and connection among fly tiers is also emphasized.

Part 6: Building Relationships and Mastery in Fly Tying

Garrett Lesko discusses the importance of genuine relationships in the fly fishing community and delves into the technical aspects of fly tying, including material selection and the essential tools for crafting deer hair flies.


Part 7: The Science and Art of Tying the Perfect Fly

This final part covers the technical challenges and considerations in fly tying, such as choosing strong hooks, selecting durable materials, and balancing craftsmanship with commercial production. The evolution of tying techniques and the balance between durability, cost, and speed in fly tying are also discussed.


Garrett Lesko's journey and insights offer an in-depth look into the world of fly fishing, highlighting the activities' artistry, dedication, and community spirit. The podcast is a great look into what is all involved in the fly profession.

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