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Welcome to our latest blog, where we delve into the fascinating world of fly fishing, drawing inspiration from the "Fly Fishing Insider Podcast" hosted by Christian Bacasa. This blog series, broken down into seven insightful parts, is a treasure trove of fly fishing wisdom, stories, and tips for both novices and seasoned anglers alike.

Part 1: The Art of Bespoke Fly Tying with Allen Rupp

In our first segment, we explore Allen Rupp's journey from childhood fishing experiences to becoming a bespoke fly-tier. His story emphasizes the beauty of fly fishing and the significance of quality craftsmanship in fly tying.

Part 2: The Essence of Fly Fishing

Here, we touch upon the critical aspects of fly fishing, such as hook efficiency and the shared enthusiasm among anglers for this sport. We also explore the preferences and nuances of different fishing styles and the importance of community in fly fishing.

Part 3: A Deep Dive into Fly Fishing Insights

This part focuses on the subtleties of fly fishing, discussing the challenges and excitement of catching different species like snooks and bonefish. We also delve into the art of fly tying, comparing it to cooking, and the debate between tradition and innovation in this craft.

Part 4: Bespoke Fly Tying with Allen Rupp

Allen Rupp shares his approach to bespoke fly tying, blending traditional methods with modern innovations. He emphasizes the importance of crafting durable, effective flies and respecting traditional fly patterns.

Part 5: The Delicate Balance of Fly Creation

Our fifth segment highlights the importance of precision in fly design and the impact of small changes on a fly's performance. It underlines the collaborative nature of fly design between anglers and tyers.

Part 6: Understanding Fly Fishing: Hook Selection and Crafting

We discuss the evolution of hook selection, the importance of sharp hooks, and the art of crafting the perfect fly. This part also sheds light on the personal connections and mentorships within the fly fishing community.

Part 7: Whitlock Fly Tying Techniques

Finally, we share valuable fly tying techniques from Dave Whitlock as taught to Allen Rupp. This segment offers practical advice for beginners and seasoned fly tyers alike, focusing on building a strong foundation for their flies.


Fly fishing is more than just a sport; it's an art form rich in tradition, innovation, and shared experiences. Through the "Fly Fishing Insider Podcast," we gain invaluable insights into this captivating world, whether it's the thrill of the catch, the precision of fly tying, or the bonds formed within the angling community. Stay curious, keep learning, and enjoy the beautiful journey that is fly fishing.

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