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Dive into the world of fly fishing through the lens of Allen Campbell, a Loon Pro and Guide known for his fly tying expertise, especially in streamer action. The latest episode of the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast, hosted by Christian Bacasa, reveals Allen's journey into fly fishing, the challenges he faced, and the undying passion that fuels his adventures.

Part 1: The Beginnings of a Passion

Allen's path to fly fishing wasn't straightforward. Despite his sporty background in hockey, fishing wasn't his go-to activity during childhood. His first encounter with fishing, which involved a friend, some bluegill, and beer, surprisingly transformed his view on fishing. This experience was a stepping stone, leading him to the intricate art of fly fishing, which he embraced wholeheartedly.

Listen to the show with Allen:

Part 2: The Evolution into Fly Tying

Allen's stint with the army led to a pause in his fishing endeavors. Relocating to North Carolina reignited his passion, introducing him to streamer fishing for bass and larger fish. The interaction with seasoned anglers, the use of traditional materials like deer hair, and the therapeutic aspect of fly tying marked significant milestones in his journey. This was a huge game changer for him.

Part 3: A Deep Dive into Fly Tying Techniques

The podcast delves into the specifics of fly tying, where Allen discusses his preferences for simplicity, effectiveness, and the art of imitation. His approach involves creating flies that not only resemble baitfish but also provoke strikes, using a blend of flash and dull materials, and ensuring the flies' movement in the water is natural and enticing. Presenting with action to entice feeding has been a goal of Allen's.


Part 4: Strategies and Techniques in Fly Fishing

The conversation shifts to practical fly fishing techniques. From choosing the right line and leader to tactics for different water conditions, the discussion is rich with insights. The focus is on active engagement, control over the line and fly, and adapting to various fishing environments, whether from a boat or wading in a stream.

Part 5: The Art of Fly Casting

This segment emphasizes the importance of precision in fly casting, especially when targeting larger, cautious fish. The discussion covers gear preferences, casting techniques, and the need to practice and experiment to improve accuracy and range.


Part 6: Unraveling the Mysteries of the River

Understanding a river's structure and dynamics is crucial in fly fishing. The podcast highlights the need to explore beyond familiar spots, adapt tactics based on river conditions, and appreciate the thrill of topwater fishing, especially for large fish like stripers.

Part 7: Community, Learning, and Respect in Fly Fishing

The final part focuses on the social aspects of fly fishing. It underscores the importance of asking questions, learning from experts, and showing respect within the fly fishing community. The internet's role in global connectivity, the intricacies of tying poppers, and the significance of supporting fellow tiers are also discussed. 



Allen Campbell's journey in the world of fly fishing, as shared on the Fly Fishing Insider Podcast, is not just a story of personal growth but a testament to the sport's rich and diverse nature. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned angler, there's always something new to learn, a challenge to embrace, and a community to be a part of. Tune in next week for another deep dive into the mesmerizing world of fly fishing. 

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