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In this episode, host Christian Bacasa interviews Emma Brown, an experienced angler and guide, about her passion for small streams, conservation, and wild fish. Emma shares her background in fly fishing and how she got started at a young age. She discusses her tactics for fishing small streams and emphasizes the importance of understanding the environment and reading the water. Emma also highlights the significance of conservation and shares her experiences volunteering with Trout Unlimited. Lastly, she provides advice for young adults looking to break into the outdoor industry, emphasizing the importance of passion, initiative, and networking.


  • Small streams offer unique fishing experiences and opportunities to catch wild fish.
  • Understanding the environment and reading the water are crucial for successful small stream fishing.
  • Getting involved in conservation organizations like Trout Unlimited can provide valuable learning experiences and networking opportunities.
  • Breaking into the outdoor industry requires passion, initiative, and a willingness to learn and network.

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