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In this conversation, Christian Bacasa interviews Rob Worthington-Kirsch, an MD and interventional radiologist, about his unique background and love for fly fishing. They discuss the importance of using a guide when fishing in unfamiliar areas and the value of learning from different fishing techniques. Rob shares his experience of transitioning from gear fishing to fly fishing and the enjoyment he finds in tying flies. They also touch on the different fishing scenarios in Florida and New Orleans. Overall, the conversation highlights the joy and learning opportunities that come with fly fishing. In this conversation, Rob Worthington-Kirsch and Christian Bacasa discuss the importance of slowing down in fly fishing and how it can improve angling skills. They explore the need to be deliberate and focused, rather than rushing and making mistakes. They also touch on the variety of fishing experiences available in different locations, such as Florida and Rhode Island. Rob shares his passion for exploring new species and adding them to his life list. Overall, the conversation highlights the life lessons that can be learned from fly fishing.


  • Using a guide in unfamiliar fishing areas can greatly enhance the fishing experience and provide valuable knowledge and suggestions.
  • Learning from different fishing techniques and approaches can expand one's repertoire and improve fishing skills.
  • Transitioning from gear fishing to fly fishing can open up new opportunities and a deeper appreciation for the sport.
  • Tying flies can be a creative and enjoyable aspect of fly fishing, allowing anglers to customize their own patterns.
  • Different fishing scenarios, such as clear water versus opaque water, require different approaches and techniques. Slowing down and being deliberate in fly fishing can improve casting mechanics and overall angling skills.
  • Fly fishing can provide a meditative escape from everyday life.
  • Exploring different fishing locations allows for a variety of fishing experiences and the opportunity to add new species to one's life list.
  • Fly fishing teaches valuable life lessons, such as patience, focus, and adaptability.

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