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Hey, Anglers and Outdoor Enthusiasts! Welcome to another episode of "Waders for Dummies"—the series where I review fishing attire like it’s a red-carpet event. Today, I dive into the depths of the Patagonia Swiftcurrent Zipper Front Wader. Yep, a Patagonia Swiftcurrent Review that's jam-packed with humor and real-world wader wisdom. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, "I wish my waders could be the life of the party," these are certainly an option!

Zip and Fish: The Ultimate Wader Guide to Swiftcurrent Zipper Convenience

The zipper. It’s not just for your jeans, folks. Patagonia brings us the ultimate in "zip and fish" technology. I know, I know—you’re thinking zippers and water sound like a wet disaster. But hold your overpriced craft beer! This zipper is the Fort Knox of the fishing world. It's a waterproof marvel designed to keep you drier than British humor. Let’s not forget that this type of zipper has been around for over a decade, and it honestly doesn’t fail, so don’t hesitate on the zipper tech.

Breathable Waders: Not Your Grandpa’s Waders

If you've got more sweat issues than a nervous comedian on open-mic night, listen up. The Patagonia Swiftcurrent Waders offer "breathability." It's like yoga pants for your fishing life, making sure you're all Zen when you're angling in style. Gone are the days of wading in your own personal swamp. Welcome to the era of breathable waders. Opening the zipper is another way to air out the legs and get that wicked moister out of your pants.

High-End Waders: Patagonia Quality Check

As with any Patagonia outdoor gear, you’re getting the Porsche of fishing attire.  They don’t call it PataGucci for nothing. Sure, these bad boys may set you back a few paychecks, but when it comes to high-end waders, the Swiftcurrent Wader is your trusty fishing companion. You'll want to write love songs about its durability and comfort. In fact, you might start calling these your "date night waders." Just don't actually wear them on a date unless it's a fishing date. In that case, go ahead, you Casanova of the currents.

Swiftcurrent Comfort: Angling in Style

Seriously, you'll want to lounge in these all day, like you’re sipping piña coladas at a five-star resort. The fit is relaxed more than a dad in a tree-stand before the sun rises. With this level of comfort, you might forget you're actually outdoors doing something rugged like fishing. This is then further emphasized by a bunch of bells and whistles for easy on and off, adjusting and a variety of creature comforts. They do carry other styles but getting them on and off with a zipper is unparalleled.  Additionally, the ease of taking a break to water the grass mid-day is made super easy with the zipper.  Considering you wear them all day, you fish multiple times a year and want to relax.  I highly recommend stepping up as they will be a worthwhile investment. 

Patagonia Swiftcurrent Wader Pros and Cons


Zipper Front Swiftcurrent Wader = Easy in, easy out.

Breathable material

One of the best warranty programs

Eco-Friendly Fishing Gear. That’s right, Captain Planet would approve

One of the less expensive high-end waders


High-end waders = high-end price. Start saving or sell a kidney. This is just a fact of waders if you want a pair that you won’t have to worry about.

You might feel overqualified in your local fishing hole. Prepare for some jealous glances.

Why Zipper Front Swiftcurrent Waders: A Swiftcurrent Field Test

Conclusion: The Patagonia Swiftcurrent Wader is the Angler’s Dream Gear

If you want to be laughing on the river while sporting one of the best fishing waders money can buy, Swiftcurrent Wader is for you. I took these waders on a field test, and let me tell you, these are the fly fishing must-haves of the decade. The zipper makes it easy to get in and out faster than a cat at bath time.  They’re the waders that keep on giving—whether you’re a serious angler or an angler that only gets out a few times but knows they want a solid piece of gear.  Waders are an area where I highly recommend that you don’t skimp on quality, and Patagonia Sweiftcruurent Zipper Front Waders are a tool that works and last, kinda like one of Grandpa’s old workshop tools. 

Who Are They For: 
If you are an anglers who understands investment and wants a pair of top-quality waders that will last the appropriate amount of time then this is a likely solution. You honestly can't say enough positive about the brand but the waders themselves have plenty of creature comforts that are comparable at the level of which you are looking at.  I prefer a higher-quality wader as it is one of the last things I want to fail.  I also see the quality and durability go up with the upper level waders and the extra cost of a few hundred dollars is worth it to me. The last thing I want is a failure on a trip where I'm dealing with problems and anxiety over waders and not problems and anxiety over landing my trophy fish.


Top Wader Suppliers - Patagonia, Simms, Grunden’s - There are other brands, but from a quality and durability standpoint, these are my favorite.  All others I’ve either had difficulty with regarding the warranty, or they haven’t stood up to the value that I was looking for.  Look if a wader fails during your day…your day is likely over.  A few hundred dollars is worth that for me.  Especially when traveling and spending a ton of money just to get there.

If you have difficulty with cold feet, there is nothing better than the boot-fit waders by Simms.

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Simms Waders

Five more things to get with your Waders

  1. Wading Boots: Boots are critical and will help you keep your footing so you don’t get the dreaded water over and in your waders. My favorite is Korkers, but there are options from Simms and Patagonia that people love. Personally, the convenience of Korkers is far better than anyone else.  
  2. Good socks: Socks can make a difference on a cold day. Believe it or not, it is best to go with a light to medium sock so you create space around your feet and maintain circulation.  I’ve used these two brands, and they last forever - Simms Socks, Howler Bro Socks
  3. Baselayers: I spend a bit more on my base layers and only buy a pair or two. My perspective is that it is against my skin, so I want it to feel right.  Lastly, I want them to last a long time.  All three of these I’ve used fit the bill.  Ibex, in particular, is extremely warm and lasts a lifetime…they also feel fin wearing around once the waders are off, vs. some feel like long underwear - Patagonia, Simms, Grunden’s, Ibex
  4. Wader Bag: I use a Taco Bag by Simms.  However, any bag that will allow you to store wet waders and have them get airflow, along with allowing you to stand on it while you get in your waders, is suitable.  The latter is most important.  Avoiding pinholes in your wader socks will lengthen the time on your investment tenfold! - Simms
  5. Pocket Knife:  I regularly preach that you can't have enough pocket knives. This is another case.  There is nothing like grabbing a seat on the bank and slicing some hard salami or a piece of cheese.  Alternatively, if you are in a jam or emergency situation a pocket knife can save the day.  My recent favorite has been Gerber Gear, who has great out-of-the box knives but a really unique custom option. 

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