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The Iguana House Belize is a private island resort located on San Pedro Island in Belize. It offers a dream escape for those seeking a laid-back and spacious opportunity to fly fish on their own terms. Here are some key highlights:

  1. World-Class Fly Fishing: Whether you’re a seasoned saltwater fly fisher or a newbie, the Iguana House provides an epic catch waiting for you. The private dock allows you to explore the open water without tours or crowds.

  2. Magical Belize Experience: From having a private home chef to exploring the island on a golf cart, the Iguana House shares all its Caye secrets for a personalized “choose your own adventure” experience.

  3. Traditional Belizean Wood Home: The Iguana House is an example of a traditional Belizean wood home, modernized for today’s standards. Constructed on native Belizean hardwood, it has withstood time and storms.

  4. Client Reviews: Guests rave about the hospitality, phenomenal food, and fishing experience. The lodge owners, Chris and Mary Alice, create not just a fishing lodge but a fishing home.

For more information and booking, visit the Iguana House Belize website

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