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In this episode, host Christian Bacasa interviews Zach Lassek, a fly fishing guide on the Provo River in Utah. Zach shares his journey from being a surf kid to becoming a passionate fly angler and eventually a guide. He recounts a pivotal moment fishing with his grandpa that sparked his love for fly fishing. Zach discusses the challenges of guiding on a high-pressure river like the Provo and the importance of adaptability. He also emphasizes the significance of understanding river flows and the role of tying your own flies in building expertise as a guide. In this conversation, Zach Lassek, a fly fishing guide, shares his experiences and insights on guiding in the Provo River. He discusses the impact of high flows on fishing and how it can change the architecture of the river. Zach also talks about his progression as a guide and the importance of building relationships with clients. He emphasizes that success in guiding goes beyond catching fish and highlights the need to adapt and alter fishing techniques in challenging scenarios. Finally, Zach shares two simple tools that he finds extremely effective for fly fishing: a sewing needle for clearing the eyelet of flies and a Sharpie for modifying fly colors.


  • A single moment or catch can ignite a lifelong passion for fly fishing.
  • Guiding on a high-pressure river requires adaptability and the ability to course correct.
  • Building expertise as a guide takes time, repetition, and immersion in the fishing experience.
  • Understanding river flows and tying your own flies can be game-changers for success on the water.

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